Review Of 10 Elegant Dress Watches For Men From Forzieri

Are you planning to attend to an occasion that requires you to wear formal attire? You have to match it with the best dress watch and other formal accessories. It is very important to choose for appropriate dress watch because there are dress watches suitable for certain occasions like wedding, garden party, debut, gradation day and other. There are many dress watches available at Forzieri. Read the following information about dress watches.

If you are planning to purchase a dress watch, you also need to know the important things to consider when buying a dress watch. This will prevent other people

to think that you are funny and don’t have any idea about formal occasions. These are the tips in choosing the best dress watch.

Tip #1: Avoid buying a dress watch with bright color because you are not a clown on that formal occasion. Dark colors are better and avoid yellow, orange and red colors.

Tip #2: Avoid buying huge watches for formal occasion. These watches are only for outdoor informal activities like camping, picnic, jogging, etc.

Tip #3: Buy the dress watch that fits to your wrist. You cannot avoid shaking with other people's hands in any formal occasion. Loose watches could cling up and down on your wrist if not properly fitted.

Those are the tips that you have to consider first before buying your dress watch. Remember that dress watches could cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. Of course, you do not want to mess up buying the wrong watch for an occasion. You can actually purchase dress watches online since there are several online shopping websites that offer these kinds of watches. Forzieri is a popular online shopping website that sells dress watches for men and women. Other products that they sell are bags, accessories, home decors and other fashion items.

Michael Kors Optical Dial Chrono Watch
This black colored watch is perfect for people who have a good muscle tone because the design enhances men's personality. The material is made of stainless steel although it is black in color. This is a cheap and perfect watch if you have a limited budget.

Forzieri Rivoli Men's Stainless Steel and Leather Chrono Watch
This is an F collection of 2012 that features its elegant chronograph design. The black genuine embossed leather is perfect for formal occasions. It is also water resistant and made of stainless steel.

Just Cavalli Crystal Gent Black Croco-Leather Strap Dress Watch
This is an elegant Italian style watch perfect for special occasions. The crocodile design as well as the gold tone add masculine looks.

Kenzo Koukan Stainless Steel Chronograph Date Watch
A little bit expensive watch with sporty but elegant design. As its name suggests, this watch is perfect to wear if you have someone to date. The band and case are made of stainless steel while the dial is made of silver.

Police Vantage Black Croco-Stamped Watch
A perfect watch for formal occasion especially if most of the visitors recognize your

job as a Police officer. However, you can still wear this Police watch even if you are not a Police officer. The design is elegant with black leather croc-stamped strap. It is a water resistant and made of stainless steel.

Emporio Armani Classic Stainless Steel Square Chrono Watch
This is an urban style watch perfect for formal occasions. It is made of stainless steel (case and band) and resistant to water. The rectangular shape adds formality to the watch.

Michael Kors Mid-Size Golden Stainless Steel Ritz Chronograph Glitz Watch
A gold toned band watch with textured bezel excellent for casual and formal occasions. Both the case and band are made of stainless steel materials. The unique about this watch is its dial made of ivory.

Zoppini Black Carbon Fiber Dial Stainless Steel Chrono Watch
This is almost similar to Michael Kors Optical Dial Chrono Watch. The difference is the dial of this watch is made of high-technology carbon fiber with lightweight feature. Like other dress watches, the band and case are made of stainless steel.

Ferrari Panerai Granturismo - Men's Automatic Chronograph Watch
This is one of the most elegant and high cost dress watches for men. A high cost watch with up to 46 hours of reserved power. The band is made of genuine leather and the case is made of polished stainless steel. For those who can afford this Ferrari watch, this is an excellent watch for any occasion.

Versace Sapho Stainless Steel Oval Dial Watch
Another high priced watch from Versace which features its two level stainless steel bracelet. Its movement is quartz Swiss ETA, an Italian design and Swiss made watch perfect for occasions.

Those are the elegant dress watches for men available at Forzieri. Always remember that choose only the best watch that fits your wrist and matches the occasion that you will be attending. If you need accessories to enhance you fashion style, these are all available at Forzieri.

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